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Abandoned construction waste is also a treasure, some people have earned millions of dollars in half a year

Time:Feb 03, 2020 Author:Boleiro

Recycling the shipping container-etsy journal

Sep 07, 2011 they definitely don't go to waste and most have far longer than a 10 year life once they are off the shipping lines and re-purposed for their new lives on land. interesting article and well balanced - most articles just say yay, build a container house! , and totally ignore the cost and pitfalls of doing so.

hey henry, i have had the same six dollars in my wallet over a month now. hey henry, a huge thank you to senior services for your continued support for and care of our seniors during this pandemic when their families can’t get to them. you’re the best! 04.29.20. hey henry, when quarantine ends, lets not tell some people!

Isla vista shooting suspect 141-page manifesto-abc7 san

Isla vista shooting suspect 141-page manifesto-abc7 san

aug 22, 2020 public pension funds have started to “divest” from oil company stocks, and various social issues like human rights, child labor, climate change or corporate corruption have bubbled to the surface at different times. all of this has led to the exploding new field of socially responsible investing (sri), and a growing array of new ways to do it.

Urgent care from the army corps of engineers | the new yorker

Jul 27, 2020 urgent care from the army corps of engineers. while trump flails in the pandemic, the military’s builders are getting it done. save this story for later. in the pandemic, the corps has set up

oct 05, 2018 what everybody is getting wrong about fire. fig 1: suze orman’s opinion of our lifestyle, as captured in a crazy interview on paula pant’s afford anything podcast. in case you hadn’t already noticed it in the news, it seems we are hitting a turning point in how the rest of the world perceives this lifestyle that you and i have been enjoying.

the current bay delta was created with the construction of what are termed levees. however, true levees are earthen embankments that hold back floodwaters and remain dry the rest of the time. what california's delta has are actually dikes, which restrain water at all times. the delta also is said to be full of islands, about 70 in all.

the volunteer poets for august 2021 are claire acerno, ingrid bruck, onyedikachi chinedu, brittney corrigan, donna dallas, lawdenmarc decamora, jennifer k. dick, david estringel, christine hamm, michelle macfarlane, and k.e. ogden.read their full bios here.. if you’d like to volunteer for a 30/30 project month, please fill out our application here and warm up your pen!

The 30/30 project: august 2021-tupelo press

The 30/30 project: august 2021-tupelo press

mar 03, 2011 @grrr aargh , obviously you are in the tax-credits-for-easements business. it is interesting how some of these big time players also have greatly influenced the 50-year water supply scam. i want to mention here that the city council has recently awarded the nautre conservancy an easement.

Our towns readers respond: dead malls, everywhere-the

May 09, 2019 dead malls, everywhere. shutterstock. one more installment on the question of whether an unloved and unsightly part of america’s infrastructure—the giant sprawl-malls that drained business

august 1999. in his 1999 state-of-the-union address, president clinton announced his support for the idea of eliminating the social security retirement earnings test (ret). the ret is unpopular with beneficiaries who want to have their retirement benefits and continue to work. eliminating the ret has long been a favorite proposal in congress.

feb 06, 2021 also both joe biden and rev. warnock explicitly said, “vote for me and a $2,000 check will go out immediately.” 20 months is a long time, and people may have forgotten by november 2022, but i sure see it as bad faith and i think a lot of other people will, too.

i got to this page from cleveland national forest website from an alert for corral canyon/bear valley p.s.s.s i see some of the funds are also for new riding areas , we definitely need that, more variety etc. and closer to east county cities like we used to have, santee, lakeside, el cajon, alpine etc. dan. dan powers - 4/29/2020

2019/2020 public comments to preliminary applications

2019/2020 public comments to preliminary applications

for years the small country church reported only 50 people at worship, so the bishop’s office took notice when it suddenly tripled to 150! to find out what they were doing right, the bishop visited one sunday, only to find the same 50 souls in attendance.”have you been inflating your numbers to make your congregation look good?” the bishop asked the pastor.”not at all,” the pastor said.

Planning for freedom-foundation for economic education

Dec 09, 2017 of course, mr. x would probably be as happy with 10 millions as with 100 millions. from a metaphysical point of view, it is certainly inexplicable why mr. x should make 2 millions a year, while the chief justice or the nation’s foremost philosophers and poets make much less. but the question is not about mr. x; it is about the consumers.

jun 11, 2018 andrew carnegie the scottish-born american industrialist and philanthropist andrew carnegie (1835-1919) was one of the first captains of industry. leader of the american steel industry [1] from 1873 to 1901, he disposed of his great fortune by endowing educational, cultural, scientific, and

in return, they have agreed to pay roughly $4.3 billion, while also forfeiting ownership of purdue pharma. the sacklers, who admit no wrongdoing and who by their own reckoning earned more than $10 billion from opioid sales, will remain one of the wealthiest families in the world. critics of this bankruptcy settlement, meanwhile, said they would

apr 14, 2011 a perfect example of this is ‘the view,’ and that factored into our decision.”. abc promises to close out both “one life to live,” which began on the network in 1968, and “all my children,” which got its start on abc in 1970, in a way that honors the viewers and the legacies of

'all my children,' 'one life to live' canceled – the

in some instances, the system read the tag as a vehicle entered the airport, but problems popped up upon departure. we also noticed some people were able to come in, but when they went to leave, that reader was not picking up their toll tag, vega said. debt issues tied to sh 130 could impact toll projects. a year ago this week, a toll road

Where the tea party rules-rolling stone

Oct 14, 2014 that amounts to $44,532 per year. allen county’s self-sufficiency standard for a single adult is $8.39 per hour, or $17,451 per year ”and that assumes full-time work,” says fox. most of the

feb 15, 2011 the federal government may have hired an additional 150,000 people, but it also has replaced retiring workers, or workers who leave the federal government for other reasons. its' not like you can just slice the difference between 2008 and 2010 total federal employment and say that half of those workers are waste and fraud and getting rid of

sep 07, 2011 they definitely don't go to waste and most have far longer than a 10 year life once they are off the shipping lines and re-purposed for their new lives on land. interesting article and well balanced - most articles just say yay, build a container house! , and totally ignore the cost and pitfalls of doing so.

The decline and fall of seattle-los angeles times

The decline and fall of seattle-los angeles times

nov 09, 2011 the tetris effect. by the awl november 9, 2011. by justin wolfe. 1. computer space. when i was in second grade, my teacher sent a note home to my mother. i had recently been skipped ahead from first grade to second grade and the new teacher was worried about me. i was keeping up with the class fine, i was having no problem with that, she said

Propaganda by edward bernays (1928)-history is a weapon

The fruit growers, the wheat raisers, the meat packers, the milk producers, the fishermen—all want me to eat more of their products—and are spending millions of dollars a year to convince me. am i to eat to the point of exhaustion, or am i to obey the doctor and let

some vividly recall how things used to be, when they had to find a ride to the main county hospital some 15 miles away. it was a long trip if you didn't have a car -- and most people didn't. twenty-five dollars sick meant you were in bad enough shape to pay for a cab across town.

Brainly.in-for students. by students.

Brainly.in-for students. by students.

mar 25, 2013 why does no one speak of america’s oligarchs? posted on march 25, 2013 by yves smith. one of the striking elements of the demonization of cyprus was how it was depicted as a willing tool of russian money launderers and oligarchs. never mind the fact, as we pointed out, that cyprus is not a tax haven but a low-tax jurisdiction, and in stark

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