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Causes and treatment methods of abnormal vibration in the operation of the roller crusher

Time:Mar 31, 2020 Author:Boleiro

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If the impeller rotors are not properly balanced, the centrifugal force generated during operation will cause abnormal vibration, rotor wear, excessive noise and other problems. 22. balance adjustment steps. clean the sand and stone, old wear parts and sundries on the rotor and accessories. re-install the wear parts and rotor

apr 19, 2021 treatment method: immediately open the side end cover of the high temperature bearing to take the oil sample and do a good test. if the metal content in the oil exceeds the standard, it indicates that the bearing has long been worn, and the production should be terminated and the bearing replaced.

feb 05, 2021 what causes the abnormal heating of the bearings of the jaw crusher? february 05, 2021. the bearing of jaw crusher is one of the more important parts of crusher, because it supports the structure of the crusher, bearing the impact of crusher crushing materials, its performance directly affects the normal operation of the equipment and production efficiency.

increase bearing vibration (noise]. severe brinell marks can cause premature fatigue failure. any static overload or severe impact can cause brinelling. examples include: using hammers to remove or install bearings, dropping or striking assembled equipment, and a bearing onto a shaft by applying force to the outer ring. install bearings by applying

Bearing failure: causes and cures

Bearing failure: causes and cures

dec 18, 2019 jaw crusher is a large-scale crushing machine. vibration is inevitable during production, but severe vibration will affect the normal production of the equipment and shorten the service life of the equipment. therefore, when the equipment vibration is abnormal, we should find out the reason in time and deal with it, let's look at the reasons for the vibration of the jaw crusher.

Impact crusher common faults and solutions | zy mining

Oct 08, 2019 3. equipment vibration is abnormal. if there is a vibration abnormality, the operator should stop immediately, we need to check the following. (1) check whether the inside contains metal impurities or parts are broken, and clean the crusher cavity; (2) check the tightening of the inner liner and the gap between the hammer and the liner.

a field vibration test was conducted on the coal crusher chamber of a thermal power plant to evaluate its vibration performance. the vibration displacements and velocities of the structure, coal crusher body, and vibration-isolation platform were tested. the vibration safety of the coal crusher chamber and the vibration-isolation efficiency of the spring vibration-isolation system were

may 11, 2021 3. abnormal noise or loud impact during operation. cause of issue: 1) the anchor bolts or the connecting bolts of the vibration exciter and the tank body are loose or broken; 2) the vibration spring of the vibrating feeder is broken; 3) the voltage of the vibration motor is unstable. solution: 1) check the bolts everywhere, replace or tighten them;

dec 14, 2020 a shock-absorbing device should be installed between the foundation and the crusher to reduce vibration. (6) the hammer piece is broken or there are hard sundries in the crushing chamber. all of these will cause unbalance of rotor rotation and vibration of the whole machine. therefore, regular inspection should be carried out for the severely

How to solve the vibration problem of crusher in organic

How to solve the vibration problem of crusher in organic

mar 08, 2021 for the jaw crusher, the role of the bearing is self-evident, once it is damaged, it is easy to cause downtime. however, in production, various problems will inevitably occur in the bearing, and abnormal temperature rise is one of the common faults. today we will talk about the causes of

How to solve some common problems of vibratory separator

Now, vibratory separator has been widely used in all walks of life, industrial production and people's life are inseparable from vibratory separator.however, the vibratory separator may be threatened by various potential damages during its operation.below we simply understand the vibratory separator of a few common failures and processing methods.

vibrating screen is one of the indispensable equipment in crushing equipment and sand making equipment. it plays a vital role in the entire production line. the following is a summary of common failures and maintenance methods of vibrating screen. 1. the vibration motor rotates slowly and the bearing heats up.

when the hammer is worn for a period of time, especially in the later stage, the clinker size of the crusher is seriously exceeded, the average particle size is 60mm, and the largest diameter exceeds 120mm, which causes the roller press to vibrate and the

solution. the surface of the drum is too smooth. adopt cast rubber roller or rubber coated roller. the drum wrap angle is too small. the drive roller is installed with an extended roller. the tape is not tight enough. adjust the tensioning device to ensure the tension of the tape. there is water or ice on the drum.

Common problems of belt conveyors | quarrying

Common problems of belt conveyors | quarrying

huge vibration occurs when the ball mill reducer drives the mill: when the liner is installed on the mill, there is no secondary grouting, or the anchor bolt after the secondary grouting is not well fastened, the roller body is rotated by the hoist, causing the displacement of one end of the roller body, and the two axes are not on the straight

Cause analysis and treatment of deviation of portable

In the portable belt conveyor conveying bulk materials, the belt center line from the belt machine center line, and the phenomenon of deviation to the side known as deviation. due to the belt deviation may cause the belt edge and frame wear each other, so that the belt edge damage, shorten the service life. when the running deviation is serious, the belt will detach from the roller and fall

the value of a variable reflecting the operating condition of mechanical equipment is continuously detected as operation condition data. a long period average value of the operating condition data detected in long reference period, and a short period average value of data detected in a short analysis period ending in the present time are calculated.

jan 07, 2020 the equipment of the machined sand production line mainly includes vibrating feeder, coarse crushing crusher, medium and fine crushing crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor, dust collector, fine sand recovery device, etc., design a reasonable an efficient machined sand production line is not only

jun 21, 2019 the millstone wear will make the materials layer uninform and it also can make vibration. operation problems. grinding pressure is too high or the material layer is too thin will cause the vertical roller mill vibration problem. when you are operating the vertical roller mill, it needs a professional method or it will make the grinding roller

Reasons of vertical roller mill vibration-zenith crusher

Reasons of vertical roller mill vibration-zenith crusher

② tension of the screen is not strong enough to cause the screen to quiver, which usually crusher or damage along the edge of the screen or at the edge of the pack. ③ vibration amplitude of the sieve is too small, which causes the stone particles to pile up on the sieve and quickly damage the sieve. 28.

The causes of rotary kiln girth gear vibration

The main obstacle that may occur in the large girth gear during the operation of the rotary kiln is vibration, which will affect the normal working production of the rotary kiln, so it is important contents of the rotary kiln repair work to make clear the causes of the large girth gear vibration and the corresponding treatment methods. 1.

the cause and measures of abnormal vibration of jaw crusher 2017.10.12 - read 360 in crushing, the abnormal vibration of jaw crusher will definitely affect the normal crushing and even shorten the service life of the machin

aug 20, 2020 the imbalance operation of the rotor will lead to vibration of the complete machine. so check the hammer regularly. if it is wore badly, replace it. if any abnormal noise heard during the operation of the corn grinder for chicken feed, stop the crushing machine to find out the cause. (7) misfit of the poultry chicken feed crusher and other devices.

jun 03, 2021 bearing temperature is too high, similar to the abnormal situation of fever . it is a common and harmful fault of rotating equipment. if the reason is unknown and improper treatment, it will often get twice the result with half the effort, which will reduce the service life of bearings, increase the cost of maintenance, and even cause bearings to burn out.

How to control the high bearing temperature -- the culprit

How to control the high bearing temperature -- the culprit

aug 22, 2021 common malfunction and treatment of vertical milling one. mill vibration causes and treatment: 1. vibration measurement component failure: grinding roller just down there will be vibration, the operation of the procedures and parameters are normal, and the scene did not feel the vibration, after inspection found that vibration meter loose, re-tighten, grinding normal.

Us20050072239a1-process device with vibration based

For example, during normal operation of the process, vibration arises through various sources. the vibration is transmitted to the components which are used in the process. over extended time, these vibrations can cause degradation in the performance of the

the abnormal operation of the exciting motor can directly lead to the fracture of the beam. there will be abnormal sound before a similar situation occurs. some daily maintenance method mistakes are very easy to cause this kind of accident, such as the high temperature of the

damage and its possible causes. 5 damage and actions a number of cases are described together with corrective actions. in this chapter, only non-des tructive analysis is covered. 6 other investigations for complex cases, there are several ad vanced and destructive methods for failure analysis available at skf

method for preventing crusher from crusherinc. during the normal operation of the crusher the material is transferred to the crusher equipment via the vibrating feeder.the operation is relatively stable. only when an abnormal situation occurs the material will be blocked in the machine cavity or other production parts. chat online

Common failure and processing methods of hammer crusher

Common failure and processing methods of hammer crusher

in addition, the following reasons can also cause abnormal vibration of the sand making machine: 5. the base is not firm or the anchor bolts are loose. when the sand making machine has abnormal vibration, first check whether it is caused by the base and anchor bolts.

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